Best Car Cleaning Kit in India | September 2023

Brought a new car? Searching for the best car care kit in the market?

We have summed up a great variety of car wash kits to suit every person. If you are serious about your car maintenance and enjoy cleaning every little area of your vehicle, then take a look at our recommendations plus reviews for the best car wash kits.

What To Look For In A Car Wash Kit?

Car wash kits can significantly differ in the products included in the kit. Some include cleaning shampoos, while there are kits that come with microfiber cloths and brushes as well. What you need in a kit will ultimately depend on your needs. If you already have car wash clothes at home, then consider buying the car wash kit with cleaning solutions only.

Essential things to look for when shopping for the best car cleaning products kits:

  • Quality — Ensure the shampoos and cleaning liquids included in the car wash kit are safe to use on the sensitive paint of your vehicle.
  • Combo (Value for money) — Look for a washing kit that comes with microfiber cleaning cloths, polishing shampoos, and other tools necessary to get the job done. These will be specified in the product description.

Here’s the list of best car cleaning kit in India:

Car Cleaning KitNo. of Contents in KitOur Rating (10 scale)Price
3M Car Care Kit59.5Check price on Amazon
Wavex Car Care Kit109.1Check price on Amazon
MAX Car Care Kit68.3Check price on Amazon
Shine Guard Car Care Kit47.6Check price on Amazon
Amazon - Solimo Car Care Kit78.8Check price on Amazon

Top 5 Best Car Wash Kits in India – September, 2023

3M Car Care Kit

This kit includes: 1 Car Wash Shampoo (250 ml), 1 Tyre Dresser (250 ml), 1 Dashboard Dresser (250 ml), 1 Liquid Wax, 1 (200 ml) and 1 Microfiber Cloth.

Why we like it: A complete kit including 5 products for interior and exterior detailing offered at a very reasonable price. 3M is arguably the best professional car detailing kit you can buy online. The price is reasonable, especially given 3M’s Brand value and quality.

Wavex® Essential Car Care Kit

This kit includes: 350gm Wavex Carnauba Wax Polish , 350ml Wavex Dashboard and Leather Conditioner Protectant, 350ml Wavex Tyre Guard, 350ml Wavex Scratch Cleaner, 500ml Wavex Wonder Wash Car Shampoo, 2 Pcs Wavex Microfiber Cloths 40x40cm 350GSM, 3 Round Foam Applicators

Why we like it: It’s a near-perfect car wash kit that gets your car cleaned and detailed plus it is one of the best in the market. You can finally say goodbye to improper washing with this kit that includes just about everything you need to make your car clean and shiny.

MAX Premium Car Care Kit

This kit includes: Dashboard and tire shiner (200 ML), Clean and shine polish (200 ML), Liquid wax polish (200 ML), Vinyl and leather polish (200 ML), Windshield Washer (200 ML), Car Shampoo (200 ML)

Why we like it : A simple and affordable car wash kit great for cleaning. MAX car wash kit includes everything you need to wash and wax your vehicle and costs less than a thousand rupees. It’s great for non-obsessive car detailers.

Shine Guard Car Care Kit

This kit includes: Car Shampoo, Car Polish, Dashboard Shiner, Glass Cleaner

Why we like it: An affordable and cheapest kit that’s made for starter detailers. Great for people looking to detail their cars in a budget. It comes with a neatly organized plastic carrying case too.

Amazon Brand – Solimo Car Cleaning Kit

This kit includes: 1 cleaning glove, 1 wash scrub, 1 wheel brush, 3 applicator pads, 3 washcloths

Why we like it: This kit doesn’t contain any chemical solutions, but it’s got all the brushes and gloves needed to clean your car without damaging the paint. All accessories are made of high-quality microfiber and hence it comes at a premium price but 100% recommended for great car maintenance.

Our Guide in Buying the Best Car Wash Kit:

Make a wishlist

Car wash kits can vary in what’s included in the package, as you can see above. To make the buying process easy, make a list of items you want before you shop.

Don’t buy what you already own

Do you already have microfiber auto cleaning cloths, washing gloves, and brushes? Then you might not need these items in the kit. Learn that the more items a kit contain, the more it would cost. Check cleaning things you may already own and buy the kit for things you don’t own.

Read Product Descriptions

We strongly recommend carefully reading individual product descriptions before you purchase any kit. Some sellers may bundle many low-quality products for a cheaper price. Quality is important more than the price.

Hope you found the best car care kit.

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