Full form of OEM | What is OEM in cars ?

What is full form of oem?

What Is OEM? full form of OEM

The full form of OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer. A Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is the original producer of a vehicle’s components. OEMs are commonly referred as “contract manufacturers” too.

History of OEM:

The history of the term OEM falls back to late 1900’s from the Dutch phrase, “onder eigen merk” which, in english simply means “under own brand.”

Example of OEM:

A company that manufactures the tires of your new car. Let’s say you buy a Honda city that comes with Apollo Tyres. Here, Apollo Tyres are considered as an OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer.

OEM VS aftermarket parts:

Car parts from OEM are identical to the actual parts used in manufacturing of a vehicle. Aftermarket parts are produced by 3rd party vendors and may not have the greatest quality and compatibility with your vehicle.