Bosch Aquatak 125 Pressure Washer

Contents in the Box:

Pressure washer, Hose pipe, 2 nozzles, and Pressure Gun.

Why we like it?

We use Bosch pressure washers (Aquatak 125 & 130) every day for serving our customers at their doorstep! They are our best and recommended picks as the best high-pressure washers in the Indian market for car cleaning. They are easier to move and store as they come with a folding, telescopic handle and new secondary lifting handle for greater convenience, 3 cylinder pump type, and large wheels.

It delivers a pressure of 125 bar, powerful enough to clear your vehicle effortlessly. It is slightly on the expensive side but if you have some extra cash to spend on, definitely go for it. One downside is that they come with just 6 months warranty but we never faced any issue to date.

Pros & Cons:

  • ✅ Bosch’s brand value
  • ✅ Quite while running
  • ✅ Powerful and efficient cleaning
  • ✅ Excellent build quality
  • ✅ We use this at Madrazi Car Spa
  • ❌ Little expensive
  • ❌ Limited warranty

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