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Looking for high quality and affordable car dashcam? Check out our top suggestions below on the best camera for your vehicle.


A car crash can happen in a flash. And as terrifying as that may be, it can be just as distressing to be blamed for a crash that’s not your fault. That’s where a dash cam can be a crucial proof of evidence if the unexpected happens. While some automobiles do come with a dashcam already installed, if you bought a car that does not have this feature already, you can still use this technology by putting in your own dashcam.

While most dashcams do simple recordings, an advanced dashcam has multiple features & sensors that will monitor the collision and save recording with GPS information that will when filing an insurance claim. We have tested & heard feedback from our customers using dashcams to rate and rank the best ones on various parameters like video quality, storage capacity, ease of usage and smart features for you to make an informed decision before buying online.

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After considering several factors and testing all the cams, we are picking the 70mai Smart Dash Pro Plus+ as the best overall dashcam for Indian cars in 2023. To know more, continue reading this post.

10 things to consider while purchasing a dashcam

  1. Quality of video recording – ensure that the dashcam you’re purchasing has at least 1080p recording capabilities
  2. Field of view (wide angle) – a good dashcam should be able to record a minimum of 130-degree field of view
  3. Multi-recording – If you’re looking for a surround recording solution you might want to buy a dashcam that supports multi-channel i.e., both Front + Rear camera recording at the same time.
  4. Built-in screen – Dashcams that have a screen can sometimes obstruct & cause a distraction while driving. So make sure the dash cam comes with a small screen or position it behind the rearview mirror.
  5. Built-in battery – Modern-day dashcams come with a parking mode (or) parking surveillance feature, that will keep recording even when the car is turned off. For this feature to work, the dashcam should have an in-built battery, or else you’ll have to purchase a separate hardware kit and connect the dashcam to the car’s battery.
  6. GPS support – This is an advanced feature that’ll help you with GPS data of the location where the clip is recorded. Extremely useful in case of accidents, insurance claims, and proof of evidence.
  7. Wireless app controls – In today’s instant world, we would want everything in our hands in seconds. So, ensure that the dashcam you’re purchasing has wireless controls and apps on both android/iOS to view, download, and share recordings instantly.
  8. Loop recording – this is an essential feature you’ll want to have in every dashcam. If the memory fills up, it should automatically re-write the old recordings with the new ones.
  9. Expandable storage – dashcams should at least support 64GB storage for few hours of video recording at 1080p
  10. Warranty – a minimum of 1 year of brand warranty for any dashcam you purchase

Here is the list of the best dashcams to buy in India for 2023

NameVideo resolutionCapacityAngle

70mai Smart Dash Pro
2K+ 1944p QHD64GB140°
DDpai Mola N31080P FHD front & 720P rear 64GB170°
DDPAI mini dashcamFHD 1080p128GB140°
70mai Smart Dash Cam 1SFHD 1080p64GB130°
Blueskysea B1W dashcam1080p64GB150°

70mai Smart Dash Pro Plus+

Why do we recommend it?

70mai Pro is undoubtedly the best car dash cam we’ve seen so far in India. It’s slightly expensive but considering the power-packed features like a 6-glass lens, F1.8, 1944P HD with WDR 140° wide-angle that adjusts exposure & is capable of capturing more detail both in darkness or strong light, smart hands-free voice commands etc., it is totally worth the price.

Based on our experience it effectively reduces distortion or degradation of images. One interesting thing is that it comes with motion detection supported by G-sensor that will automatically lock the video to Emergency File to prevent it from being overwritten. This 70mai Pro cam also keeps recording even in parking mode because of its built-in 500mAh battery. Therefore no hassles of connecting it to the car’s battery directly.

We also recommend you check out another variant which includes a rear dashcam too. That way you can stay protected both from front and rear. Here is the link for the same.

Contents in the box:

Dash Cam, Dual USB Car Charger, Micro USB Cable 3.5 M, Pry Tool, Electrostatic Sticker, User Manual

Pros & Cons:

  • ✅  Excellent video clarity
  • ✅  Built-in battery for parking mode
  • ✅  Auto detect collisions
  • ✅  iOS & Android apps
  • ✅  Handsfree voice control
  • ❌  ADAS is a bit difficult to calibrate

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DDPAI MOLA n3 Dash Cam

Why do we recommend it?

DDPAI N3 is one of the new releases from DDPA and we have previously listed other cameras also from this company on our list. This specific modal comes with a 1600P ultra HD, 5 MP, 6 sets of full-glass lens and an F1.8 large aperture that can capture crystal clear videos. Interestingly, it also came with a two-fold symmetrical connector to the mounting bracket, by which it can capture video in the front and even inside the car if required.

Again, DDPAI cams support both iOS & Android, allowing you to view and download HD video through Wi-Fi. One thing we like to mention is the smart parking mode. It records time-lapse @1fps in parking mode to ensure long time video recording. Please note that you’ll have to buy the DDPai Hard Wire Kit separately for this to work.

Contents in the box:

DDPAI N3 Dashcam, Mounting Bracket with Type-C Connector, Dual USB Car Charger, 3.5 Meter USB Cable, Pry Tool, 3M Sticker, User Manual

Pros & Cons:

  • ✅ 1600P ultra HD cam
  • ✅ Smart parking mode
  • ✅ Easy to use apps
  • ❌ GPS might not work as intended sometimes

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DDPAI mini dashcam

Why do we recommend it?

DDPAI mini dashcam is the most affordable dashcam on the list. It looks sleek and has a Full HD resolution recording with the latest HiSilicon processor and 2MP CMOS image sensor that are capable of recording high-quality videos. Based on our testing in hot conditions and using it for prolonged hours, we never saw the dashcam heat up as it comes with a built-in supercapacitor that provides higher durability and temperature resistance ranging from -25 ⁰C to 85 ⁰C.

We highly recommend this if you just want a basic dashcam with good recording quality and no fancy features.

Contents in the box:

DDPAI Mini Dash Camera, Power Cable, Installation Tool, 1A/2.1A Fast USB Charger, Mounting Bracket, 3M Adhesive, User Manual

Pros & Cons:

  • ✅ Minimalistic design
  • ✅ Has emergency recording feature
  • ✅ 24hrs Parking mode
  • ✅ 128 GB expandable storage
  • ❌  Does not have a screen

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70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S

Why do we recommend it?

We’ve already listed one dashcam from 70mai as our topmost choice. We also want to include 70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S on the list because it has very similar specs to the 70mai Pro but without a screen & records in Full HD 1080P with a 130-degree field.

70mai 1S comes with a ring-shaped indicating light, which can show different working statues with three colours. It also supports hands-free commands like take pictures, record video, record without sound, record with sound, turn on Wi-Fi, turn off Wi-Fi. While we may not use these commands very often, it is good to have them considering the low price point. This is the best value for money dashcam.

Contents in the box:

Dash Cam, Electrostatic Sticker, Micro USB Cable, Single USB Car Charger, User Manual

Pros & Cons:

  • ✅ Feature-rich dashcam
  • ✅ iOS & Android apps
  • ✅ G-sensor support
  • ✅ Loop recording
  • ❌  The voice commands don’t work sometimes
  • ❌  No in-built battery for parking mode
  • ❌  No screen

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Blueskysea B1W dashcam

Why do we recommend it?

One of the main reasons why we listed the Blueskysea B1W dashcam is that it comes with a 360-degree rotation, making it easy to adjust lens angle if necessary, allowing inside or outside of the car video recording. It is also equipped with built-in wifi to download videos in android and iOS apps wirelessly. B1W dashcam’s lens is claimed to be made up of 6 layers of glass to provide stunning, clear, and non-deformed images.

In our usage, we observed that it has a 150° degree ultra-wide-angle lens and with the equipped low light sensor, it records enhanced video quality at night.

Contents in the box:

Dash Cam, USB cable, 12V DC car charger, 3M mounting kit, extra adhesive stickers.

Pros & Cons:

  • ✅ Sony IMX323 CMOS high sensitivity image sensor
  • ✅ Loop recording features
  • ✅ WiFi-enabled app controls
  • ❌ Hardware kit for the parking mode has to be bought separately
  • ❌ No Screen

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Accessories for dash cameras

Blueseasky Hardwire kit for parking mode

DDPAI hardwire kit for parking mode

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Car Dashcams

  1. What is a dash cam?

    A dash cam is a video camera that can be installed in your car for constantly recording video while you drive

  2. Why use a dash cam?

    Dash cameras provide the driver with safety and accountability by serving as an eyewitness in case of accidents or incidents. 

  3. What are some features dash cams offer?

    Loop recording, G-sensor, GPS, datetime stamp, night mode, parking surveillance

  4. How do I use a dash cam?

    Insert a memory card, attach the suction-cup mount to your windshield and plug the power cord into the power source (cigarette lighter or USB).

  5. What is parking mode?

    Dash cams can keep recording even when the car is parked and the engine is off, thereby functioning as a surveillance camera system while you're away from your vehicle.

Step By Step Guide On How To Install A Dashcam

Estimate Cost : INR

Time Needed : 20 minutes

Here are some tips based on our experience with dashcams on how to install them properly in a car.

  1. Decide on where to place it

    Choose the right spot to place your dash camera. It can be placed anywhere on the windshield but make sure that it is not obstructing your view or causing any distractions while driving. Our best recommendation is to place it behind the rearview mirror.

  2. Clean the spot

    Dashcams usually come with double-sided adhesive tape or a suction cup. Make sure the windshield is dust-free from inside.

  3. Fix the mount first

    Usually, most of the dashcams come with a detachable mount & camera. We recommend sticking the mount first and then attaching the camera itself.

  4. Find a 12v port

    Modern dash cams come with a micro-USB port and cable that can be plugged into any standard USB port of the car. But based on our experience, some older cars expect it to be multimedia and do not power the dashcam. Hence we recommend getting a good USB car charger like the Mi 18W car charger.

  5. Hide the wires (optional)

    Once you power up the dashcam and check everything is working fine, you can start tucking the wires along the headline and A-panel for a cleaner interior. You can also make use of wire clips like SYGA self-adhesive clips to keep the wires in place.

  6. Battery power (optional)

    Not all dash cams come with parking mode and a built-in battery. In these cases, your dashcam will power off immediately after you turn your car off. If you want it to keep running even when your car is turned, it needs to be connected to the car's battery via the fuse box. We highly recommend you to get this done by a professional & ensure that the dashcam is not heating up when kept on for longer hours.

  7. Always ensure it's on!

    There is no point in installing the dashcam and forgetting to turn it on. We recommend using a permanent 12v port for the dashcam only. That way, it'll automatically turn on when you start your car and start recording. Have a safe ride!

  • Car USB charger
  • Car Dashcam

Hope you found the best dashcam for your car 🙂

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